Start your renovation smart for success

Imagine knowing the cost of your renovation even before your plans are drawn up.

Imagine the savings in knowing your budget before spending thousands on an architect, engineer and council fees.

Imagine having an expert by your side supporting great decisions all the way through.

The most important part of beginning a major renovation is starting right. But how do you know where to begin if you haven’t done this before? Easy! To save time and money, talk to us first.

Too often we see clients coming out of the design and consent phases, months into their project, and only then looking for a building partner to price their dream renovation.

Talk to us early

That’s why talking to us first is vital. We aren’t a quote provider. We are a service provider, and our service begins from the first time we connect. SmartStart – our pre-concept estimation service is where good renovation decisions start.

We empower our clients with the knowledge of the cost of their build even before plans are drawn-up. This enables you to manage your design team to your budget rather than their design. SmartStart is all about ensuring that our clients start their renovation journey the smart way.

SmartStart provides you with a fully formed pre-design estimate, breaking down the costs, so your architect can do what they do best – design, right the first time. Too often we see clients who have taken the opposite route and have had to re-visit their plans multiple time, due to build costs exceeding budget. SmartStart establishes clear guidelines and limitations, saving costly rework that drains time and money.

Let’s SmartStart

It all begins with contacting Stan. He works to understand your needs through site visits and talking with you about what you’re wanting to achieve. From there he uses a well-oiled methodology to transparently price your project. Clear communication is a key element of this process and one of the things Stan prides himself on the most. Once he has the SmartStart estimate ready, Stan likes to walk clients through the costs highlighting any areas for saving, further investment and potential variation.

Lockhart is a service provider. We invest in our clients from the outset and support them right along their renovation journey.

Our unique SmartStart service is simply one way we work.